About Us

Celebration of life with family, friends and food is something Sakura Grill Ashburn is all too familiar with. We understand the importance of dining with loved ones and we stand proud to serve Ashburn. Our passion for exceptional food and professional service comes from having 30 plus years of experience in the food and hospitality industry. We consider every staff member and guest a part of our family. That truly is the main ingredient in what makes the Sakura Grill family so special. We strive to maintain an commitment to excellence by never overlooking the slightest detail when it comes to our customers meals. Of course, at some point in time everyone here at Sakura Grill Ashburn has been a guest at a food establishment. As a guest, we demand quality food, great service with a smile and consistency. Therefore, we expect nothing less from all members of our staff. Our skilled Hibachi chefs should always create a playful and cheery atmosphere. Our sushi bar will always maintain quality and freshness. The wait staff shall always be attentive and ready to give the best service at all times. Every plate that is served to our guests should always be appeasing to the palette and eyes. Ultimately, we don't decide what's good, only you do.

Sakura Grill, Japanese Steak, Seafood & Sushi Bar

43670 Greenway Corporate Dr #112Ashburn, VA 20147
(703) 729-6888